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B.Sc. (Home science)

B.Sc. Home Science or Bachelor of Science in Home Science is an undergraduate Home Science professional course. Home Science covers the study of the various sciences that involve nutrition, health and growth measures including the science that deals with the surroundings and environment. The degree course mainly comprises of the study of the major topics of Home Science like Food Science, Fundamentals of Resource Management, Foundations of Human Development, Introduction to Fabric and Apparel Science, Foundations of Food and Nutrition, etc. In other words, B.Sc. (Home Science) is a degree course that includes the study of many disciplines such as chemistry, physics, physiology, biology, hygiene, economics, rural development, child development, sociology and family relations, community living, art, food, nutrition, clothing, textiles, and home management. The duration of the course three years and the syllabus for the course is divided into six semesters.


• B.Sc. (Home Science) degree serves as a basis for further higher studies in this field such as M.Sc., Ph.D. and M.Phil. Degree in Home Science, the successful completion of which makes one eligible for the post of a lecturer in any university/college.
• B.Sc. (Home Science) degree graduates have the options of pursuing a career in various specializations of Home Science such as in Foods and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, Child Development, Home Management, and Extension Education.
• A wide range of employment opportunities exists for B.Sc. (Home Science) degree holders in Hospitals, Cafeterias, Commercial Restaurants, Fashion Designing, Fashion Journalism, Apparel Merchandising, Consultancy and Counselling, Welfare Organizations, Extension Education and Community Development Programs.

Duration : 3 years ( 6 Semesters)
Total Seats : 60
Eligibility : 10+2 with 45% marks for Gen./OBC & 40% marks for SC/ST (PCB/PCBE/PCMB) Or Home Science mandatory at 10th Or 12th level with Arts/Commerce
Selection Procedure : The admission to the B.Sc. Home science program will be on the basis of the merit determined by the aggregate marks at 10+2 level.

Syllabus of B.Sc Home science

First Year:-
First Semester: -
Second Semester: -
P-101 English Language & Communication Skills
P-102 Communication and Instructional Technology
P-103 Introduction to Human Development - I
P-104 Food Science
P-105 Human Physiology
P-106 Computer Basic
P-107 Environmental Science- Qualifying Paper
P-201 Introduction to Textiles
P-202 Introduction to Resource Management
P-203 Applied Physics
P-204 Applied Chemistry
P-205 Sanitation & Hygiene
P-206 Meal Management
Second Year:-
Third Semester: -
Fourth Semester: -
P-301 Family Dynamics
P-302 Human Development -II
P-303 Consumer Economics
P-304 Nutritional Bio-Chemistry
P-305 Laundry Science & Finishing of Fabrics
P-306 Applied Life Science -I
P-401 Introduction to Clothing Construction
P-402 House Hold Equipments
P-403 Food Microbiology
P-404 Applied Life Sciences -II
P-405 Human Development- III
P-406 Community Nutrition
Third Year:-
Fifth Semester: -
Six Semester: -
P-501 Therapeutic Nutrition
P-502 Human Development- IV
P-503 Community Development
P-504 Family Housing
P-505 Advanced Clothing Construction
P-506 Nursery School Education
P-601 Textile Design
P-602 Interior Decoration & Art Principles
P-603 Food Preservation & Protection
P-604 Entrepreneurship & Motivation
P-605 Extension Training & Management

Programme Outcome

Home science has its own unique features which distinguishes itself from other subjects. It helps in improving the domestic skills like housekeeping, food preservation, stitching, interior decoration, cookery, home decoration, child rearing etc. which is of wide application now a days. Five disciplines of Home Science are focused upon the recent trends in the entrepreneur as well as job oriented. Along with it the knowledge of Home Science improves the quality of life: the study of home science provides the homemaker with the knowledge and skills required to manage a home effectively. Helps in the best utilization of resources to get maximum satisfaction and returns: Family resource management provides knowledge necessary to make intelligent decisions regarding the Purchases budgeting and other managerial activities. Helps to improve family relationships. Develops in the students the necessary skills and techniques required for better homemaking and family living. The importance of Home science has further increased to meet the demands of the modern society. The knowledge of Home science is derived from physical, social, and biological sciences and many arts, which is applied towards achieving better, healthier and happier homes.

B.Sc. Home Science Employment Areas

• Apparel Merchandising Centres
• Cafeterias
• Commercial Restaurants
• Community Development Programs
• Consultancy and Counselling Centres
• Dress-Making Units
• Fashion Designing Companies
• Fashion Journalism
• Food Industry
• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Manufacturing Industries
• Sales Promotion of Food Items
• Textile Businesses
• Tourist Resorts
• Welfare Organizations

B.Sc. Home Science Job Types

• Assistant Dress Designer
• Assistant Fashion Designer
• Baby Care Taker
• Child Care Giver
• Cook/Chef
• Demonstrator
• Food Analyst
• Food Scientist
• Health Care Worker
• Hospital Attendant
• Housekeeper
• Nanny
• Nutrition Expert
• Pantry In-charge
• Research Assistant
• Teacher/Lecturer